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      TODAY'S HOURS: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


      We have a wide range of opportunities for volunteers who range from 18 years old and up.

      Please click through the links below to learn more about each position and how to apply for them.

      Aquarium Volunteer holding Visitor Guide

      Aquarium Ambassador Volunteer

      Accepting Applications

      We are looking for smiling, outgoing, ocean-loving individuals who are excited to brighten everyone’s day! Help people find their way safely around the Aquarium, answer common guest questions, and partner with other departments to assist guests in enjoying their day and understanding Aquarium instructions throughout the spaces.

      Young male volunteer smiling with a microphone

      Education Volunteer

      Accepting Applications

      We are looking for outgoing, smiling, talkative, ocean lovers who are excited to share their knowledge with the Aquarium guests

      Kids surround a touch lab full of anemones and sea stars

      Twilight (Late Night) Education Volunteer

      Application Closed

      Join the Twilight Education Volunteer team, and volunteer from 5pm – 8pm (and some variable hours for special events and holidays).

      Woman holding her hand to a bird on rocks

      Alcid/Shorebird Volunteer

      Application closed

      Alcid/Shorebird volunteers assist in the care of the Aquarium’s Alcid and Shorebird collection by providing support to the paid Aviculture staff.

      Pair of frogs on rock and leaf

      Amphibians Volunteer

      Application Closed

      Assist in the care of the Aquarium’s amphibian collection by providing support to the paid Frog staff.

      Aquarist volunteer smiles at Northern Pacific touch pool

      Aquarist Volunteer

      Application closed

      Aquarist volunteers assist in the care of the Aquarium of the Pacific’s fishes, invertebrates, and coral by providing support to the full-time Aquarist staff.

      Man smiles while sitting in a cubicle in front of a laptop

      Development Volunteer


      Support revenue generating activities with community stakeholders (donors) for the Aquarium’s mission, vision and programs. Also provide administrative support for the Aquarium’s development department to maximize effective cultivation and stewardship.

      Divers in exhibit, high-fiving children

      Dive Volunteer

      Application closed

      Dive Volunteers at the Aquarium of the Pacific get up close and personal with the residents of the largest habitats.

      Pacific Island male dancers in front of blue cavern

      Festival Volunteer/Marketing Department

      Application Closed

      To help ensure that the Aquarium’s cultural and family festivals are an outstanding experience for our guests and community participants. The Aquarium’s cultural festivals are a key part of our vision to celebrate our diverse communities and connect them to the ocean.

      Smiling man in Aquarium uniform

      Horticulture Volunteer

      Application Closed

      Horticulture Volunteer assist in the maintenance of all plants within the Aquarium that are not in exhibits. This is a perfect volunteer role for all you gardeners out there!

      Volunteer holding a pole in front of a sea

      Marine Mammal Volunteer

      Application closed

      The Mammal Volunteer is primarily responsible for the care of the mammal collection, and assists with the avian collections. The individual prepares food, feeds, assists in care, handling, and training of collections.

      Lorikeet on Post

      Terrestrial Animal Volunteer


      Volunteers will learn the daily care of our Terrestrial Animals consisting of various small terrestrial mammals, reptiles, birds, and our large walk-through aviary through individual, hands-on training.

      Nurse shark underwater

      Volunteer Abroad!

      Join us for an opportunity of a lifetime!

      Help to further shark and ray conservation efforts as you work alongside researchers to gather data that will be used to help save these keystone animals.

      Woman looking through camera at ocean

      Whale ID Volunteer/Education Department


      Whale ID volunteers assist with data management, processing sighting photos and data for later research use, and assist with community science projects identifying individual whales and dolphins.