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      TODAY'S HOURS: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

      Prepayment Ticket Programs

      Discount tickets make a wonderful addition to your human resource benefit programs and company store offerings.

      Blue Cavern tank with people in front

      The Honda Blue Cavern exhibit is modeled after a popular dive spot at Santa Catalina Island. Aquarium of the Pacific/Andrew Reitsma

      Tickets may be sold to your employees or members at a substantial discount. Corporate benefits:

      • Save your employees time and money.
      • Aquarium admission tickets at a discounted price.
      • Express entry—no waiting in line!
      • Flexibility. Tickets are valid for one calendar year, or one year from the date of printing (varies between consignment and prepayment).
      • We’ll provide you with promotional materials throughout the year and attend your health and benefit fairs to promote Aquarium events, depending on staff availability.

      Prepayment requires a minimum purchase of twenty-five tickets (any combination of adult and child). To order tickets and be authorized for credit card purchases, please download the following forms:

      Would you like to offer employee discounts without accounting for tickets?

      Try offering eTickets!

      For additional questions, please contact Group Sales at (562) 951-1660.